Kuany is a Prevention of Violent Extremism through Education (PVEE) Specialist at UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP). A global nomad from South Sudan, he completed his high school education in Kenya while a refugee. He is self-educated in global geopolitics, philosophy and trained in the Paul-Elder Framework for Critical Thinking, and most importantly, ThinQ’s Inquiry-Orientated Education — which he describes as the most dispassionate and rigorous method for any seeker of the truth.

An activist by nurture, at UNESCO MGIEP, Kuany is in charge of #YouthWagingPeace, TAG e and the overall PVEE coordination. He also works on the Institute’s flagship Libre Project, World Rescue Game and youth-led monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals. His book, The Enlightened Darkness is an intimate meditation on the causes and consequences of the Sudanese Civil War. He is currently working on his second book, ACHOL, on the customs and traditions of South Sudanese tribes. He hopes to use the proceeds from the books to support orphans’ education in South Sudan.

Kuany derives his motivation from a high school teacher who once told him that he will ‘’never amount to anything in life.’’ He rejoices in the GOOD things of the mind — good books, good coffee, good music, soccer, and enriching conversations, and solitude.