ThinQ Event: Inquiry Webinar 1 - Definitions

Start Time (IST): 11:00 AM, Apr 12 2020

End Time (IST): 12:00 PM, Apr 12 2020

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If we say that an object is a solid if it has a fixed shape, and a liquid takes the shape of the container, is a mound of sand a solid or a liquid? What about a soap bubble? How can we construct rigorous definitions to understand the world around us in a better way? These are some of the questions discussed in this video.

This is a recording of ThinQ's Webinar on Knowledge Construction that was conducted through a Facebook Livestream on Sunday, 12th April 2020.
The panel has Madhav Kaushish, Dr KP Mohanan, Rashmi Jejurikar and S. Vaideeshwaran. All of them are members of ThinQ.

Recording of the Webinar:


Rashmi Jejurikar


KP Mohanan

Madhav Kaushish