ThinQ Event: Why Mathematics?

Start Time (IST): 11:00 AM, Apr 17 2021

End Time (IST): 12:00 PM, Apr 17 2021

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LIVE on YouTube and Facebook,
on Saturday, April 17th, 11 am to 12 noon.

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R Ramanujam, Professor, IMSc Chennai
KP Mohanan, Co-founder, ThinQ
Madhav Kaushish, Co-founder, ThinQ

People often say things like, ‘I’m not a mathematics person. I can’t do mathematics’. That is probably true if you think of mathematics as number crunching or following algorithms. However, that is a very narrow way of thinking about the discipline. Mathematics, by its very nature, is one of the most creative of disciplines. We are not constrained by the empirical world while doing mathematics - only by the limitations of our minds.

In this chat, we will explore a few questions including:

  1. What is mathematics?
  2. Why do we need to learn mathematics - what should be the goals of mathematics education?
  3. How can we become better mathematicians and help others do the same?

If you enjoy mathematics, you will have fun talking about it. If you think you do not, our hidden agenda is to convert you to someone who loves mathematics!