ThinQ Event: FACE - ThinQ - TNTEU Webinar on Enhancing Classroom Effectiveness by Facilitating Thinking

Start Time (IST): 3:00 PM, May 26 2020

End Time (IST): 4:00 PM, May 26 2020

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This webinar was an invitation to go beyond the present mainstream educational culture of employability, degrees and certificates, where students are trained to get high scores in exams and tests, and teachers are focused on covering the portions.

During the session, we went through examples of activities that can be done in the classroom with topics that are covered as a part of the school syllabus, and demonstrated ways in which it is possible to go beyond the scope of the textbook to help children think actively.

Here are responses to questions which were asked during the webinar, but we were unable to answer due to lack of time.

A recording of the webinar can be found here


Aditi Ahuja


KP Mohanan